INK Project.Exhibition presented its fourth consecutive exhibition of posters, this time bringing together graphic design and films. Twenty four greek design agencies and freelancers designed posters, each one inspired by their own favourite movie. metamatic:taf’s Bar Tenders drew inspiration and created twenty four new cocktails and gave them movie names! Poster, movie and cocktail shared the same name and character! The attendants had the opportunity to be the first to see and try them at the opening party. At the event, Silk Bastards in collaboration with AKTO Art and Design College screen printed free custom t-shirts with designs especially created for Filmink Project. Moreover, myfashionfruit and Luv&Roll | One love Tattoo Studio transfered their creations in two specially rearranged rooms.

Promo Video


Date: Monday May 23rd 2016
Place: metamatic:taf

Anna Trympali, Vasilis Pallas, John Noussis/Mikela Argyriadou, Corn Studio, Cursor Design Studio, Dimitris Evagelou, Dimitris Sxoinarakis, Thanasis Kamenidis,Thanos Gionis, Theo Kontaxis, Ioana J.Alfa, Kalia Apostolidou, Katerina Angelikaki, Katerina Miliaraki, Marianna Mantikou, Marianna Pefani, Maritina Laskaridou, Mike Karolos, Natalia Chatzidimitriou, Nikos Gazetas, Stavros Damos, Stavros Kypraios, Tommaso Taraschi | tato, Christina Tsevis

Promo video: Ilias Stathis (Corn Studio)
Video documentary: Ilias Stathis (Corn Studio)
Photography: Anna Kalozoumi
Screen Printing: Silk Bastards

Event Contributors